Event Project
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företagsevent bergendal

Event Project

Okay, job done I am so happy with the latest project I did for JDE they are the big JDEcoffee company, I have just done a small book for all the employees that work at the company. Being a commercial photographer 

I get very different job requests every week. This one was no different I had to show a company growing over the past two years, first of all, I did a slideshow for a presentation. We then did a photo book with photos showing the past two years. I remember the kickoff event in Stockholm  JDE, my task that day was to photograph 140 personnel for their intranet worldwide system. The portrait photographs, they were great I still use some of these portraits on my portfolio page now. 

Everyone that act the company were so professional which made my task much easier as a photographer. The company now is relocating from Stockholm to Copenhagen I really get to hope that hi can photograph them in the new location.

 Good luck everyone at JDE it has been a pleasure working with you

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