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Företagfotograf Täby | Mat Fotograf Täby | Midsummer Tårta

Midsummer in Täby

I managed to mix work with pleasure over midsummer weekend .  Im currently working on a book project that involves cooking and cakes .  Being a photographer does have some benefits  I always get to sample the great food .   So over midsummer my wife had the job of making the midsummer cake for us and our friends .  It is a recipe from my wifes aunt .

As I was going to photograph the cake I had told my wife, can the insides be really strawberry and creamy looking , I was told that she would be following the recipe .

The photo shoot wasnt in my photographers studio  but in my own home kitchen and a friends house . So lighting was also an issue . As this cake really wasnt a prop for a book but for consumption, I had to make do .

Here is the cake and yes aunties recipe was a success again.

Mat Täby Fotograf

tårta Midsummer

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